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Jaymay - All Souls chords

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All Souls                                                Jaymay    Capo 1

Eddy was  an angry man
he lived alone  without his fan
should've known  better but
I know that shit can happen, man,
 D6                     E6
to anyone and anyone is yo-u
and anyone is me

Eddy was a bitter man
who lived alone without a plan
he thought he held one in his hand
but those were on-ly rubber bands
he should've known better,
but I noticed this keeps happening
 D6                          E6
to everyone, and everyone is me
and everyone is you [A], too  

D   A  E6      D  A  E6
all I want is all I see
     D  A  E6      A
and all I see is  you and me----e

Eddy was a lonely man
who wanted some attention and
he posted signs through all the land
to say you want but you're no band

he found some man who understand
position ain't nothing but
a lonely man without a friend
who's climbing for attention like anyone,

 D6           E6                   A
and anyone is you   and anyone is me
 D6                E6
if everyone's like me,
then everyone likes you [A], too. 

[A means to alter 4x:   full ... without ringfinger ... without majorfinger 
 ... ringfinger to the side]
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