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Jed Madela - A Perfect Christmas tab

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Title: A Perfect Christmas
Arist: Jed Madela

       This is the new song of Jed Madela....Merry Christmas to all..

Intro: B-Bbm7-Abm7-Gb-
       E-Ebm-B- F#-B-F#

VErse 1:
 Gb                Bbm
My idea of a perfect christmas
 B                  F#
Is to spend it with you
 B                  Bbm7 Ebm
In a party,Or dinner for two
   Abm                Db   A               C#m     
Anywhere would do,celebrating the yuletide season
  D                     A
Always lights up our lives
 D                  A           F#m
Simple pleasures are made specal too
 Bm7                  C#m
When their shared with you

Verse 2:
Gb                            Bbm7
Looking through some old photograph
                   B               Gb
FAces of friends we'll always remeber
                  Gb             Bbm7
Watching busy shoppers rushing about
          B                      Abm
In the cool breeze of December
    Bb7                  Ebm
Sparkling lights, ail over town
        Gb               Ab
Children's carols in the air
By the Christmass tree
    B           Db       Gb     Db 
A shower of stardust on your hair

Gb                    Bbm
I cant think of a better christmas
 B                             F#
Than my wish coming tue
 B                          Bbm7  Ebm 
And my wish is you'd let me spend
  Ab             Db    Gb
My whole life with you

Adlib: G-Bm-C-G

(repeat verse 2)

 Bb            Am   D7           Gm              
My idea of a perfect Christmas is to 
 C          F
spend it with you
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