Jeff Rosenstock - Bonus Oceans chords

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D  D/C#   G

D               G                 Bm
 Yeah, I've got friends who wanna catch up on old times
G                      Em              Bm    A
But that just makes me feel ashamed to be me
D             G                 Bm
 And I've got friends who wanna relive the past
    G          Bm
And deify memories
    G                   Bm
And they just scream to me
            D         D/C#
That if you don't die young
You're gonna live too long.

On the stoop of the apartment next to my shitty job
An old friend passed me on the street today
I said "Hello" and tried to catch up on old times
She walked the other way.
Maybe I seemed to scream

        Em              G
That if I got cancer or somebody shot me
D             A
I'd be like a child or something,
Em                G
Asking doctors to do me favors
   D                    A
or cross my fingers and hope it gets better
       Em               G
Like a broken record, I seem to scream,

If you don't die young, you're gonna live too long.

D  G

I was getting drunk in a foreign ocean
Trying to wrap my head around problems
    Bm                               E
And all my bitterness just seemed passe.

Because I realized as soon as I said it
How long it'd take to swim from Jones Beach to Indonesia
And maybe you're waiting on a call from me.

And maybe you're working in a crowded restaurant
And you're the one who's got a life so fucked up
         Bm              E
that you don't know what happened.

Just like you saw me working at some restaurant
Embarrassed 'cause my life was just so fucked up.
And I don't know how it happened.
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