Jefferson Airplane - Have You Seen The Saucers chords

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Yup yup, here’s ‘saucers’. It was something that I always wanted to play and the other
on this site is REALLY incorrect. I found out via Paul Kantner himself that it is in Open
tuning, and that made it a lot easier to figure. In the intro I usually only play the 
and 5th strings. Oh, and Jorma is playing in C Minor Pentatonic in standard tuning of
He starts off with that C note on the 17th fret on the G string.
Have fun!

In open C (CGCGCE)

C Eb C Eb C F
C Eb C Eb C G F Eb
C Eb Eb C

G#            C
     Have you seen the saucers?
G#            C
     Have you seen the saucers?
Do you know the people out there
           Eb                         G
who aren't happy with the way that we care
        F     C
for the Earth Mother.

G#            C
     Have you seen the saucers.
Tranquility Base
there goes the neighborhood.
American garbage dumped in space and
F                C
no room left for brotherhood.

[Bridge: wah-wah lead break]
Mess around with C, Eb, and F for the rhythm guitar

G#            C
     Have you seen our saucers?
G#                                   C
You see our lights in your western skies, California, the rainbow skies
G#                         F                C
The government tells you another missile is flying
         G#                   C
have you any idea why they're lying to you?
(to your faces)
did they tell you?
Have you seen our saucers?

[2 lines of bridge, wah wah lead break]
C Eb C F C
[then 2 lines adding]
la la, la la, la-la-la-la
la la, la la, la-la-la-la

[then two more with lyrics:]

C           Eb         C         F
Your mother needs you, now she's getting old
    C        Eb  C               F
Her face was pretty, but you let her go
G#            C
     Have you seen our saucers?
Star children
on the back road to salvation.
Children of the forest.
F            C
Child of the Woodstock Nation.

       F                          C
have a care for the needs of your planet
          Eb        F
catch the dawn that once was there
Eb                F
first-born atomic generation
         Eb              F
open the door, don't you know that's what it's for
come and join us on the
Eb    F           C2
other side of the sun

C  000000
Eb 333333
F  555555
G  777777
G# 888888
C2 12-12-12-12-12-12
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