Jefferson Airplane - Turn My Life Down chords

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Song: Turn My Life Down
Album: Volunteers
Artist: Jefferson Airplane
Tabbed by: Leon (WinstonABoogie)
Music & Lyrics(I guess): Jorma Kaukonen

High Guys, this is my first tab. I really love this song and I always wanted to play it
and somehow I found out the chords. I think it's accurate, but if someone knows a better
sounding version you know where to put your comment ;) I hope you'll have fun playing 
it. Unfortunaly I didnt find out the last part(I the shadows..) but I hope I'll soon
re-edit it (suggestions are welcomed). I took the lyrics from a lyrics website, but I 
dont think they're correct. But I think you can get where to play the chords. Peace

Standart Tuning

 C              G               D         C
When I see you next time round in sorrow
                  G                      D
Will you know what I been going through
 C                G                        D
My yesterdays have melted with my tomorrow
  C                     G                    A
And the present leaves me with no point of view
 C              G               D                C
When I see you next time round look into my eyes
                   G               D
Where we'd be we never never could decide
       C                G                 D                C
Oh my Borrowed moments they cannot fill the moments of our
                      G                     A
And wishful thinking leaves me no place to hide
 D          A
No place to hide
 D          A
No place to hide

I see the shadows softly coming
Taking me into a place
Where they turn my life down
Leaving mourning with myself
And nothing to say
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