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Jenell Pierre - New Bird chords

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(G) There's a war (D) outside my window,
(Em) And it's cold (C) inside
Where the wind blows,
(G) And I have (D) no care for Who
(Em) falls (C)out there

(Am) Isn't that the way (Em) it is
(Am) Isn't that the way (C) it goes

(C) And a new bird,
(Em) Signals a new day,
(D) And a new day
(Am) Is a time/chance for change

G D Em C
Knock, knock 
Who's there?
no one cares if it ain't a party
While we waste away
There's someone needing out there

I know I'm not any better
I'm not any scarlet letter
Cause I don't take trips to volunteer in Africa


(D) Where's the love
(C) That we're supposed to know
(D) Don't let hate, racism and 
(C) politics flood our souls
(D) Hold on to the faith 
(C)that you hold
Cause (D)only God can build a (C) better road

{Whistles} C.   Em.   D.   Am.  

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