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Jennifer Knapp - When Nothing Satisfies tab


G	(320033)
D	(xx0233)
Em	(022033)
C	(x32033)

When it [D] rains or it shines
On this [C] pillow of mine
I will [D] lift up my head to the [C] sky
So I [D] have a chance to see
Where my [C] hope has come from
And know thereís [D] nothing that I canít [C] abide
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When [G] nothing satis[D]fies [Em] you [C]
When [G] nothing satis[D]fies [Em] you [C]
When [G] nothing satis[D]fies [Em] you
Hold my [C] hand [G], hold my [C] hand [G]

Send forth your light, Lord
And send forth your truth
And then guide me to your holy place
Then will I go
To the altar of God
To my joy, my delight, and my strength


Oh, why are you
[D] so [C] down[D]cast, oh [C] my soul?
Why so dis[D]turbed within [C] me?
Put your [D] hope in God
My [C] savior, my king
My [D] savior, my [C] king

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