Jennifer Knapp - Martyrs And Thieves chords

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This is a tab right out of Jennifer's album Songbook

Chords: C2 G/B D/A D2no3 Em D D/F#

Intro: C2 G/B D/A G/B C2 G/B D2no3 Repeat with Ooo------

          C2              G/B         D/A          G/B
There's a place in the dark-ness that I use to cling to

     C2            G/B          D2no3
That presses harsh hope against time.

        C2        G/B                D/A               G/B
In the absence of martyers there's a presence of theives who only

C2           D2no3
Want to rob you blind.

             C2  G/B   D/A          G/B  
They steal awa--y      any sense of peace

             C2         G/B        D2no3
Though I'm a king I'm a king on my knees.

      C2            G/B             D/A      Em
And I know they are wrong with they say I am strong

          C2    D      G
As the darkness covers me.


   D                     C2             G
So turn on the light and reveal all the glory.

D        C2     G
I am not afraid

   D                    C2          G
To bare all my weakness knowing in meekness

Em                   D
I have a kingdom to gain


               G         D                C2
Where there is peace and love in the light

               D  G  
In the light oh

    D           C2 
I am not afraid

G/B D/F#    G           D            C2 
To let your light shine bright in my life

In my life oh 

G         D   C2      G/B D/A  G
 A - hi - yi - yeah - oh.

G       D    C2
A - hi- yeah

Second Verse: Same chords as first.

There are ghosts from my past who own more of my soul
Than I thought I had given away.
They linger in closets and under my bed and in
Pictures less proudly displayed.

A great fool I have been I have
Squandered 'til palid and thin.
Hung my head in shame and refused to take blame
For the darkness I know I let win.

Repeat pre-chorus and chorus


G/B//////C2//////G/B   C2     G/B  C2
                 Can you hear me?

Last verse

Well I've never been much for the baring of souls
In the presence of any man
Rather keep to myself all the safe and secure
in the arms of a sinner I am.
Could it be that my worth should depend on the 
Crimson stained grace on a hand?
Like a lump on a hill Lord I pray in Your will
To reveal all of you that I can.

Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chours.

Repeat into with first lines of the first verse to end.
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