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Jeremiah Bowser - I Must Praise chords

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Words: Jeremiah Bowser and Courtenay Bowser
Music: Jeremiah Bowser
2011 Jeremiah Bowser
CCLI # 5916098

Intro: /C D Em/ / Em D/F# G / / G G/B C / / Em D/ /

D/F#                      Em                 Am
  There's something about You that pulls the song out of me
D/F#            Em          Am
  Your undying love awakens my soul to sing

Am   G       Em
  To lift my voice
Am   G      D
  I have no choice

C  D    Em
I  must praise
Em  D/F#  G
I   must  praise
       G/B   C       Em  D
The Glorious King of Heaven

Believing in a truth
Not found in what my eyes see
Brought from death to life
This slave has been set free

For all You've done
I must respond

I join with the Heavens, the saints and the angels
     G/B                D
With all of creation to sing
Of the Lord God eternal, the immortal invisible
    G/B                   D
Ever-present all-powerful King
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