Jeremiah Bowser - Beautiful Jesus chords

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Words and Music: Jeremiah Bowser
2010 Jeremiah Bowser
CCLI # 5864669

G#m                         C#m
Though troubles gather all around
            E   B/D#
We're not defeated
            E   A2
We're not forgotten
 G#m                         A2
We have a hope, we know Your name
              E     B/D#
You're always with us
             E     A2
And You will never change

We lift our voices to sing
We lift our hands to praise
            C#m               A
We lift our eyes to look upon You
Beautiful Jesus

Though darkness tries to surround
We know Your voice
We join in with Your sound
Beloved of God, Your chosen creation
We were born to display
Your praise to the nations

          E                Bsus
Beautiful Jesus! Beautiful Jesus!
          C#m   A2           E
Beautiful Jesus!   Beautiful Jesus!
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