Jeremy Camp - God With Us chords

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God With Us
Jeremy Camp
Copyright 2012
From God With Us Christmas CD
Transcribed by tjp_guitar (my other nick) 11-29-2012

Key of F# (E capo 2)

Song Course:  
Intro, Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Interlude, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus,

Note:  Can be easy by just using standard easy versions of chords listed, although 
the guitarist uses a mixture of open chords and bar chords up the fret board.

E5    A    Cm7    B(3rd) (repeat)

E       A           Cm7        B
E       A           Cm7        B
A       E           Cm7        B
A                   B          E

              A                      E
              B                      Cm7
        Cm7 B A                      Cm7
             F#m7    -E/G#           -A


B/D#    E   B   A (x3)


E             A/C#          B/D#     A/C#
E             A/C#          B/D#     A/C#
E              A            E
A              E            A


E     A     B     A           E     A     B     A           E
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