Jeremy Fisher - On A Monday chords

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 "On A Monday"
  From "Flood"(2010)

  Use a capo on the seventh fret.

  Intro: D G X2  A Asus4

   D         G             D           A
  Gonna medicate tonight, for no good reason
   Bm                G           D          A
  Guess the troubles on my mind have got a fever
   D                   G           D      A
  bottle rocket in my hand, and a Zippo lighter
   Bm              G           D               A
  I could hit the moon up there,with a little fire
              G                     A   Asus4
  So take me home or just take me higher

             D       G             D      G
          I fake a smile and I'm feeling stuck
                D       G       A      Asus4
          I'm getting messed up on a Monday
           D       G          D    G
          Been a while, I'm outta luck
                   D        G      A      Asus4
          So I'm getting messed up on a Monday

   Intro x1
  Every answer I ever heard asks another question
  try to find where I come from but I got no direction
  look up at the Milky Way,wonder where we are
  I don't know what far away would mean to the stars
  So I drink...'til I see stars...

          Chorus, intro X1
    D    G       D    G       D      G  A  Asus4
    Whoa-oh-oh...whoa-oh-oh whoa woh-oh-oh
     (add chorus, repeat).

   end on D.

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