Jeremy Messersmith - Beautiful Children chords

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Song: Beautiful Children
Artist: Jeremy Messersmith
Album: The Alcatraz Kid
Written By: Jeremy Messersmith

Capo 7th Fret

C    C/B    Am
Warm house, cold hands
      F                G                   C
I was standing outside trying to find your doorbell
C  C/B Am
At 2A  M,  
      F           G                     C
I ran all the way hope that you weren't sleeping

C   C/B         Am
You rubbed your eyes
F               G            C
Gently with the palm of your left hand
C  C/B    Am
We talked awhile
        F                G         Am
And you told me how much you appreciated me
      F                G              Am
And I knew that it was time for me to stay or leave

     F               C
So I started walking home
       F                C
Sowing teardrops in the snow
We'll be friends forever
G                                C C/B Am
But I'm afraid that you'll never love me

C   C/B     Am
You met someone
        F                  G            C
At that show when you went home for the weekend
C      C/B       Am
And he makes you laugh
    F           G                 C
And somehow I remind you a little of him

C   C/B     Am
Two perfect hands
  F                 G                  C
A part time job but says that he loves children
C     C/B     Am
But I lost my tongue
      F             G                      Am
Until now you never felt that you'd missed anyone
    F                G                  Am
And even though it's early you think it could be love

        F              C              F                C
Another heartsick lullaby but I can't seem to make you cry
         F                G                                C  C/B Am
We'll be friends forever, but I'm afraid that you'll never love me

Am      F
Does he love you?
G Am 

Am      F
Does he love you?
G Am

Am        F
I hope he loves you
G Am

Am    F
If he doesn't,
G                              C  C/B Am
At least you'll have beautiful children
          C  C/B Am
Beautiful children
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