Jeremy Messersmith - Dead End Job chords

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Dead End Job
The Silver City
by Jeremy Messersmith

standard tuning

For the riff play multiple times:

end on:

D      A              e     G
Trying hard to stay awake
D      A            e
Over time without a break
G              A         h
I'll catch the night bus home
G                 A      h
You won't have to sleep alone
G           A           h         G
I wear this crisp white shirt for you
G           A        h       G A
I work this dead end job for you

My guitar's out in the shed
But I will stumble into bed
Time will break these hands
Two kids, one minivan
I bought that diamond ring for you
I'd buy anything for you

From the dark side of the street
I hung around to watch him leave
I watched him kiss your neck
So soft and violent
But I won't say a word to you
I would lose my pride for you
I'd lose everything for you
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