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Jerry Butler - Your Precious Love tab

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I was not able to find an official website but there is enough information on the
concerning Jerry Butler (the Ice-Man) to verify he is a legitimate signed artist/singer.

Standard tuning.

About two months ago I discovered UG and songs I've been listening to while growing up
the fifties, sixties and seventies. Although I've been noodling around with the accoustic
for years,it was difficult to play using music books where you had to stop playing and 
up a particular unfamiliar chord. UG is wonderful in the way you're able to click on
Gm chord and visually see where to place your finger. I love it! Here's one of those 
songs I loved so much "Your Precious Love" by the "ice-man" Jerry Butler. Easy to sing and 
chords. Brought back many good memories for me. Hope you enjoy it as much As I did.

LEon S. Larry

Your precious love
Means more to me
      F    G             C
Than any love could ever be

For when I wanted you

I was so lonely and so blue

F                G         C
For that's what love will do

And darling, I'm (I'm so surprised)

Oh, when I first realized

      F         G       C
That a-you were fooling me

And darling

 C       Am
They say that our love won't grow

    F            G
But I just wanna tell them

That they don't know-oh-ho

For as long

As you're in love with me

Our love will grow wider

G               C
Deeper than any sea

And of all the things that I want

In this whole wide world
Is just for you to say

G                 C
That you'll be my girl

And woo-ooo-ooo
(Wanting you)
Wanting you
(Oh-ooh, I'm lonely and blue)
I'm so-whoa, lonely
(That's what love will do)
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