Jerry Jeff Walker - Takin It As It Comes tab

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Gmajor                Cmajor
I'm takin' it as it comes
 Dmajor                            Gmajor
And you know that it comes to everyone
I'm just sittin' back here
Gettin' high and drinking beer
Dmajor                          Gmajor
And I'm just takin' it as it comes

Well you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't
Cmajor                       Dmajor              
Makes a man stop and wonder if he will or he won't
Gmajor                Cmajor
But I'm in my prime, enjoying my time
Dmajor                             D7              Gmajor
I've been too busy just chasin' life, now I'm livin' mine


Eat more possum, God bless John Wayne
Cmajor                              Dmajor
Seems like everybody got to be a cowboy these days
Gmajor                       Cmajor
You know riding de-range, it's either rank stock or strange
It's all in the luck and the buck and the draw
D7                                 Gamjor
And how tight you're holding the reins

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