Jess Mcavoy - The Sailor chords

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The Sailor

(Jess McAvoy, copyright 2008 - From "As the Sun Falls")

This is the artist's official Website:
The better known version of this song is the live duet with Gotye, at The Corner Hotel, 2011

Capo on 4th fret.

Chords used* (relative to capo): Am7  C   D  Dsus4  Em  G 




Just hammer on the A string to get the accurate sound, like this:

 Em4 - Em


Listen to the song for the correct timing

Verse 1

  C                    G
I can't help the way I am
A strong heart with a mission
In an ocean sailing man
  C                    G
I cant help where I've been
    D                              Am7                              
The lessons life has given me, the wonder that i've seen
    C                  G 
And though it would be sweet
  D                            Em
A constant earth beneath me, a lover in my reach

Whenever she goes from Am7 to C, she plays this:

  Am7       C



C     G     Dsus4        D          Am7
Oh my love, satisfaction waits, I'm following my fate
C      G        Dsus4         D       Em
Oh, so true, my harshest sacrifice is sailing far from you

Verse 2

Dropped anchor near a shore
A land of gold and silver, and strange alluring whores
New and unknown things 
A carnival existence. A freedom fit for kings
But heavy is my head
Your eyes a thousand miles away and me not in your bed


Verse 3

Now sunlight hits the sea
My course is set, the winds are strong and luck is here with me
You see I've worked for this my life
But sadness plagues the sailor
Always leaving love behind




This time, hammer on the D string:

 Em7 - Em


*The song can also be played without capo; the chords are:

E, B, F#, C#7
E, B, F#, G#m

But both the album version and the live duet with Gotye are played with capo

Hope you enjoy playing this beautiful song. It's my first tab, so, please... be as 
harsh as you can! ;)

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