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Jesse Mccartney - Right Back In The Water chords

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this is my first tab! Ahh:) as long as you know bar chords, this should be fairly 
easy to play, and its lots of fun.. i decided to just put up a bit because the 
rest is self-explanatory, since it just repeats. Good Luck :) 
the "D" is: 

D     E                         BM 
I can tell by the look in her eyes

D     E                             BM
Maybe I'm just another one of her lies 

D                         E                   BM
Cause I know, we've been through this so many times

D                E         BM
Still I'm here, burning up inside

BM               F#M                    E              BM     F#M 
I try to walk away but i keep tellin myself she's the one, for me.  
BM                   F#M                  E                    BM     F#M 
Cause he love is so contagious it keeps pulling me in we were ment, to be.

E                BM 
And i cant leave her.. 

(no chord) 
Right Back In The Water 


p.s: this is my very first tab, so if you have some inprovment to tell me about, 
just facebook me -> Leila Sheva (:
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