Jesse Mccartney - Beautiful Soul Acoustic tab

couldn't find a decent version of this so i tried myself ...this is the live acoustic 
version as seen on youtube, almost 100% correct i guess.

first tab so dont hate...^^

chords (some names are made up ^^ ):

A           (x0225x) not too sure about the "5", actually looks like hes
                     playing it open (x02200) or even muted (x022xx),i think
                     this sounds better and you dont need to switch hand
A/G# (?!)   (4x425x)
F#m         (x4425x)
D           (x0025x)

check out the video to see how he moves his fingers.


E -----------------x------------------2--x--------------------x--|
B ---------5-x--5--x-------------5-x--3--x-------------5---5--x--|
G -------2---x--4--x-----------2---x--2--x-----------2-----4--x--|
D -----2-----x--2--x---------2-----x--0--x---------2-------2--x--|
A ---0-------------x---------------------x--------------------x--|
E --------------4--x-------2-------------x-------2---------4--x--|

E ---------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------------------------|
G -------2-----2-------------------------------------------|
D -----2-----2---------------------------------------------|
A ---0-----4-----5-----------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------|


a lot of palm/finger muting in this one (all the Xs), you best figure it out by 
listening to the video...


          "I know, that you´re..."

E -----x--------------------x-----------------------------------------|
B ---5-x----5---5--x-----5--x---5-5-x--5--x---------------------------|
G ---2-x----2---2--x-----2--x---2-2-x--4--x---------------------------|
D ---2-x----4---2--x-----4--x---0-0-x--2--x---------------------------|
A ---0-x----x---0--x-----4--x---0-0-x--x--x---------------------------|
E -----x----4---------------x----------4------------------------------|


" Cuz´i dont want another

     pretty face..."

     A       A/G#(?) F#m     D     F#m    A/G#(?)   F#m      D

E ---0-------0-------2------2------2---------0--------2------2-----|
B ---5-------5-------2------3------2---------5--------2------3-----|
G ---2-------4-------2------2------2---------4--------2------2-----|
D ---2-------2-------4------0------4---------2--------4------0-----|
A ---0-------x-------4-------------4---------x--------4------------|
E -----------4-------2-------------2---------4--------2------------|

Thats´s it, let me know what you think in the comments...
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