Jessica Lea Mayfield - Sometimes At Night chords

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Sometimes At Night
Jessica Lea Mayfield

Capo 3rd Fret


F           G            Am7  C/G     G   

1st Verse

F                  Am
I broke the little cabana boy's heart 
G                 F
To let you fondle me in the dark 
F                  Am
One of those seedy outdoor motels 
G                 F
In your bed swore I never would tell 


F           G            Am7  C/G     G   

2nd Verse

F                           Am
I waited for the sun but it never came out 
    G                        F
Now I'll never know what the fuss was about 
            F                       Am
To watch it set over this mess that used to be a town
           G                              F
You're the last one I thought I'd have my arms around 


F   G           Am7  C/G    G 
Sometimes at night 
    F   G    Am7  C/G    G
The bodies collide 
    F  G           Am7  C/G    G 
And I forget who I'm 
F    G      Am7  C/G     G
Laying next to

3rd Verse

F		    Am
I did not ask to be born with these eyes 
G		 F
Eyes that always speak for my mind 
   F              Am
I thought I would come home alone 
      G                       F
But I brought all your habits into my home 

Chorus X 3

Submitted by Cole Williams, Los Angeles

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