Jessica Sanchez - Crazy Glue chords

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[Standard Tuning: EADGBE]
[Capo 2nd Fret]
[This is my first tab submission, didn't see the song on here so I figured I'd give it a 
go. It's definitely not all correct, if anyone could help fix this up a bit that'd be great!)

If all the stars fell from the sky
The ocean and rivers gone dry
    Em                                         C
The sun and the moon, both ran away with their light

I feel the holes on your heart
Unbreak the strings on your guitar
  Em                                     C
Together we're one, nothing can tear us apart

        Am                         D
I'll be there, even in the darkest moments
        Am        D
I'll be there, forever

      G    D     Em              C
Gonna hold on to you, like crazy glue
          G    D     Em              C
I'm gonna hold on to you, like crazy glue

No matter what
I don't never wanna lose you
              G    D        Em
If that's the last thing I do
I'll hold on to you
Like crazy glue




I want you to know
I'll never let go
No, never
               F          Am      D
Some things are meant to stay forever

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