Jessie Daniels - Stand Out tab

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intro - C5 x355xx    D5 x577xx   FM x133xx

       C5                               FM
You're standing in the mirror and your looking back at me
    C5                  D5                FM
somehow you've replaced yourself and don't like what you see
    C5               D5                 FM 
you've been a slave far too long to what other people think
   C5               D5             FM
so you bend and you break and you lose along the way
      C5         FM            C5
what once was beautiful I want to

       D5                 FM
Stand out, I wanna stand tall
I wanna be myself even if it means I won't fit in at all
     C5                  F5                     C5 
I wanna be real, I wanna be me, cause evrything I am is who I'm meant to be

I was meant to be free

C5 D5 FM



C5   D5   FM 
We are beautiful      4X


C5   D5   FM
We are beautiful      4X
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