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Jesus Culture - You Wont Relent tab

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You Won’t Relent
Jesus Culture
Key of E

**Intro:	C#m A E F#m

**Verse 1

C#m                       A

You won't relent until you have it all

E            F#m

My heart is yours

( Repeat )

**Verse 2

 C#m               A              E

I'll set you as a seal, upon my heart

     F#m          C#m

as a seal upon my arm

                A               E

for there is a love, that is as strong as death

F#m                        C#m

jealousy demanding as the grave

          A       E                 F#m     C#m
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and many waters, cannot quench this love

Verse 1

Verse 2


C#m         A              E               

Come be the fire inside of me, 

            F#m            C#m

come be the flame upon my heart,

            A              E         

Come be the fire inside of me, 

      F#m           C#m

until You and I are one.

Play Fill 2X

**Bridge (Dove’s Eyes Chorus)
C#m                      A                           E

I don't wanna talk about you, like you're not in the room,


I wanna look right at you,


I wanna sing right to you.


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