Jesus Culture - One Thing Remains tab

There are some on here already, but I felt this one both sounds better and is much
easier to play, for ease of playing simply put ring finger (4th) on 2nd string and you can
leave it there, then, just use your first finger (think it's your index finger, not 
sure...)for the other positions.
Also, for ease of picking, use thumb for 5th string, index finger (I think) for 3rd
string and fore finger (it's either that or they're the other way around) for 2nd string,
picking pattern is  5, 3, 2, 3.


This is repeated throughout the song,I think there's supposed to be a little pause in
between each repeat of it, only short, if you're playing along it's easy enough to work
out, but it's also nice just as a little something to play.

Tabbed by: Reuben

Thank you to all
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