Jesus Culture - Alleluia chords

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I am a worship leader and could not find correct chords for the song, so I created my 
own. Enjoy. The original key is F, but I do it in A.

Chris Quilala  2012 Jesus Culture Music (original Key F)

Verse 1:
A              D
Father, we have come
        F#m  E   D
To bow down in worship
 A              D
Lifting up our hearts
        F#m E   D
We bow down in praise

       D    A    E
        D      A     E
        Lover of our souls
        D    A    E
                     Bm    A       E
        With all of Heaven we are singing
                      Bm    A       E
        With all of Heaven we are singing

Verse 2:
A                    D
Bright and morning star,
            F#m   E  D
Your eyes blaze like fire
A                D
Shining like the sun,
            F#m   E   D
You're our one -Des--ire

Instrumental: D, A, E, F#m

D               A         E            F#m
All the angels cry out, "Holy is the Lord"
D              A         E       F#m
All the earth replies, "Holy are You"
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