Jethro Tull - Slipstream chords

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As the chords of this song are unavailable from my country,
due to a restriction from the author, I post my version.

F   133211
C   032010
Dm  x00231
G   320003
A7  002020
Am  002210 

          F        C        Dm       C
Well the lush separation enfolds you
                     Dm    C
And the products of wealth
 F         C           Dm      C
Push you along on the bow wave
                    Dm             C
Of their spiritless undying selves
          F             C          Dm        C
And you press on God's waiter your last dime
                     Dm  C
As He hands you the bill

And you spin in the slipstream
Tideless, unreasoning
 F           A7         Dm G
Paddle right out of the mess
         Dm                     Am
And you paddle right out of the mess

Greetings from Italy
Willy Stardust
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