Jets To Brazil - The Frequency chords

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Jets To Brazil
The Frequency
Perfecting Loneliness
2002 Jade Tree Records
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Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D     xx232
F#m   244222
G     320033
A     x02220
Bm    x24432
Bb    x13331

Intro: D   G  x4

Verse 1:
F#m                  G
   The terror of the view
   the emptiness 
of this room
F#m       G
   always writing 
 F#m            G
a   gainst this truth
F#m        G          F#m
    in the way that a painter
G                           F#m G F#m Em F#m G F#m A 
  must have a surface to hit

Refrain 1:
   The paint is flying now
   breaking the silence at 
D               A
   the speed of sound
   Hitting the frequency
   she's reaching
back at me
D          A
  Warm and loud
Warm and loud
                     D   G  x2
Beautiful demons fly out

Verse 2:
F#m                           G
   And we're fighting for our lives
F#m                           G
   to fill the corners up with light
F#m            G
   Black spell casting 
 F#m            G
a   gainst them now
F#m       G          F#m
   in the way that a bullet
G                      F#m G F#m Em F#m G F#m A 
  will go until it is stopped

Refrain 2:
   And all the medicine
   went to my head again
D            A
   Late last night
   my bed of saccharine
   my bad amphetamine
D        A            G
   I was lit from within
                       D   G 
burning with means and ends

Chorus 1:
D         G        A
  And the city life is
like sugar high
D     G       A
  knocking me out
   G       D
keeping me wired
It's incredible
A          G
  unsteady chemicals
D      G          A       G
  come and go the ebb and flow
  When the measure of your
G                           D
work is the measure of your worth
         A              G
then you better make it work

Post chorus: D   G  x4

Verse 3:
   There's some people
I could name
   but it's not
the time or place
F#m         G
   to split hairs with
    F#m       G
the guys downstairs
F#m         G
They'll get their
     F#m       G
fair share I'm sure
The frequency is
              D   G 
gonna take us there

Chorus 2:
D         G
  And the city kids
A           G
  the angry with it kids
D      G    A
  hate everything 
the first time
D        G
  It's incredible
A             G
  the kind of chemicals
D     G     A        G
  knocking around in my mind
A                     G
  In the winter of my night I
found a desperate kind of light
            A               G
and nothing comes without a fight

Bm            G
  You want to know
Bm                        G
  where the good thoughts grow
Bm                 G
  but you ought to know
Bm                            G(hold)
  where all the good thoughts go

Verse 4:
D             G
  You can't afford 
to miss a day
Call in sick you 
        D           G
better stay that way
 A           G
Stay that way

Chorus 3:
D         G        A
  And the city life is just some
G        D    G       A
other guy knocking me out
   G       D          G
wasting my time Upper middle class
A         G D    G        A
  Infomaniac You will get yours
  G        A
I will get mine. So get in
line, the frequency is fine

Outro: D Bm D Bm G  D Bm D Bm G  Bb D Bm D Bm G  D(hold)
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