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Jez - Monotony Is That A Word Banana tab

This is a weird song written when the writer was in a thinking
stage its one of his first

Monotony (is that a word)+ Banana

Em          022000
Em2        022010
Am          002210
Am2        000010
F              133211
G              320033

INTRO: times 4
Em                       Em2
Wake up to new day
Em			Em2
nothing new about it
Em			Em2
same as the next day
Em			Em2
and the day before it
	  F			     G
bridge: when?s  it gonna get any better

Am2Am         Am2 Am
racing through a tunnel
Am2Am		C
smooth back and sides
Am2Am        Am2 Am
racing through it forever
Am2Am	   C
?til the frozen tide

2nd verse: just like the first.

not quite suicidal
a wall is stopping it
like a safe guard
at the edge of a mosh pit



2nd bridge:
Em Am times 4

Em  slide up to j8?  4 times

then straight into chorus

outro is the intro.
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