Jim Croce - It Doesnt Have To Be That Way chords

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C       Cmaj7            C6     C
  Snowy nights and Christmas lights,

F     Em           Dm7   G7
  Icy window panes,

C         Cmaj7     C6       C    D7
  Make me wish that we could be

D7             G7
  Together again

          C     Cmaj7  C6  C
  And the windy winter avenues

F            Em          Dm7
  Just don't seem the same,

G7        C         Cmaj7  C6         C
  And the Christmas carols sound like blues,

          F        G7        C
  But the choir is not to blame


  G7     C               F         Em
  But it doesn't have to be that way

F         Em         F  Em F    Em C
  What we had should never have ended

                    F     Em
  I'll be dropping by today

F                Em     F   Em F  
 Dm C  D7
 'Cause we could easily get it together tonight

G7             C           G7
  It's only right

C         Cmaj7       C6        C
  Crowded stores, the corner Santa Claus,

F          Em            G7
  Tinseled afternoons,

          C        Cmaj7      C6           C      D7
  And the sidewalk bands that play their songs

  Slightly out of tune

         C      Cmaj7 C6  C
  On the windy winter avenues

F               Em        Dm7     G7
  There walks a lonely man,

      C    Cmaj7    C6      C
  And if I told you who he is,

         F           G7       C
  Well I think you'd understand


and that is all there is to it, if you feel any of this is wrong please e-mail me at 
thank you and enjoy playing this amazing song
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