Jim Diamond - Hi Ho Silver chords

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If like me you grew up in the eighties, and was brought up on Boon. Then you'll love this!

F                                              Dm
Sometimes I sit yeah, Feeling alone
C                                                                Dm
No one to talk, to I got no telephone
F                                                               Dm
And at night I wake up, I just lie and stare
C                                                                       Dm           A#
Come on and save me from this nightmare

F                                                                     C
Hi Ho Silver, Here come the lone ranger
                                      Dm    A#
He's riding on down 
                   F            A#,A#
To rescue me            X2

F                                                       Dm
I know the road I must take With a wink of my eye
C                                                         Dm     A#             
I leave old friends behind like old alibi
F                                                      Dm
I'll take all they throw against me, I make a stand
C                                                   Dm                   A#
For truth and justice and for the common man 

Chorus X2

Dm                                              C                               Dm
And I guess it took some time For me to decide
If you were just my hero or my friend
Dm                                               C
Watching with my innocent eyes
Your silver stallion ride
                                    C                      A#
Across my room I listen as they cried

Chorus X2                Rescue me
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