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Jim Ford - Go Through Sunday chords

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Go through sunday (slow version)

I don't really claim that this is spot on but I think it works through
most parts. Jim mumbles a large portion of the lyrics and I'm not a
native american so if you notice any words that I got totally wrong
feel free to comment. The same applys concerning the chords. My main
goal was to get Jim Ford up on UG so some musical person can become
interested and maybe supply chords for some of his other fantastic
songs (Big mouth USA and Harlan County would be really nice for
example). Now, this is what I worked out:

C                                           G
The candles burn, the cycles turn
Am                                          G
Another day comes here to learn
F                        G             F
All the things I missed out o-on

C                                     G
The nights come dressed in leatherboots
  Even through the dark, the truth 
F                         G    
cant hide behind no smile
In leather boots

C                                   G
Words that rhyme all sound the same
Am                                  G
Theyre out of tune, the way we blame
F              G       
I think I sing all my songs
In harmony

C                                        G
Now that we dont even know love from hate
We all claim to be so straight
F                    G           
We were  bent before 
we came to learn

we got to,
F                Am
Go through Sunday, just to get to mon-da-y
F                    G           F              C
There aint no other road in this old life we can take
           F         C              G
Yeah you gotta go through it if you want to get to it
             F                   C
Cause you aint gonna find it no other way

C                                G
Every thought that sounds so loud
Am                               G
Are heard among some eerie crowds
F       G           F                  C
By the erasiii-ing,in the wind goes whistling
C          G
Am                G
Here comes the dawn
F         G          F       C
I see the sun peeping in on me
C                          G
That dont mean i got to hush
Am                             G
Cause that happens to the best of us
F                G                C
Aint this a crazy world were living in

we got to,
F                 Am
Go through Sunday, just to get to mon-da-y
F              G            C
Thats the way lifes always been

F       G           C
Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm
F       G           C
Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm
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