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Jimi Hendrix - Taking Care Of No Business chords

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Capo on 2

   E    C#   F#7   A    A7   B7  
B7 fill

E                   C#
Laying in the alleyway
F#7                      A7
Maybe some rich fool will come my way
E             C#
And throw me a dime
F#7                   A7
That's all I need to give me more wine
All I got is to my names

Beat up guitar with three broken strings

E               C#
And I sure know
F#7                A      Am        E         
B7  (fill shown above)
I'm just saying "Taking care of no business"

Look it here
Hey kitty cat!
Where you going?
F#7                       A        E
This part of the alley is my home
                         C#        F#
Walking all over outside my wall
                  A                  B7
Boy you sure got a whole lotta gall

I had a sandwich in a paper bag

But a rat stole it

Ain't that some drag?
E              C#
Lord, I know, I know
F#7          A      Am      E         B7
I sure ain't taking care of no business

Break it home

Solo chords:
E C# F#7 A7 E C# F#7 
A B7 E B7

E                         C#
Now I'll try to get me a job
Feeding chickens
And washing down hogs
E                                  C#
But that meant standing up all the time
      F#                  A7
And standing up to me is just like dying
I'm so lazy that I could cry

But tears are just too lazy to fall out my eyes
E             C#        F#7        A    E
Lord, lord, lord, I'm so messed up
                 E                  C#
Can't even take care of no business
                        F#7  A      E C# 
F#7 A E
Play it one more time
   B7           E
Aww, woe is me
        B7                  E              C#
Aww, I sure wish I had me a sandwhich ahhh anything
     F#7                       A7 B7     E
I'm so broke I can't even pay attention
        F#7               A   Am             E   
fill  E
Uh, I'm so poor I couldn't even give you the time
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