Jimmy Buffett - Turnabout tab

(Jimmy Buffett)


riff 1

riff 2

D combo:  D - Dsus4 - Dsus2 - D


riff 1            D combo,A -A7, riff 2

D combo                                                              A - A7
as large as life she stood there, kissed my cheek and called my old nickname

                                                                    D combo
and though several years had passed both of us still looked quite the same

                                                                  A - A7
I said how relaxed I'd been then asked her how she'd been all these years

                                                                    D combo
she told me she was doing fine and came to see a friend who lived up here

                                                                     A - A7
she told me she had finished school and then went on to college for a year

                                                                   D combo
I asked if she had married and slowly down here cheek there came a tear

                                                         A - A7
she said just an itchy eye, it must be the weather way up here

                                                                  D combo
I told her I can't stand the cold, it freezes me and I can't feel my ears

                                                                 A - A7
We talked a bit about MOBILE and thought about how it has never changed

                                                                   D combo
I told her I was coming home to spend some time and hoped it wouldn't rain

She asked if she could see me then and we could spend some time now and then

and 'cause I lived so far away there was still no chance why we could not be

I drove her to the waiting plane and watched the big jet streaking through
the sky

thought about the sad young girl and the time that I just saw her cry

That flame must still be burning bright, I think I'll catch a later
flight today

It's time for me to go on home and spend a day or two down by the bay
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