Jimmy Buffett - Off To See The Lizard chords

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Intro G C G D7 G repeat 2x

   G                                C                        G
1. I was raised  by a maid  who came     from     Martinique
2.Being  rich  and  famous  seems  to have it's ups and downs
3.I got problems with my brain underneath     my       curls

    G                                  D7                   G
1. She wore  geckos  'round her  neck bracelets on her feet
2. That's the price you pay for being troubadours and clowns 
3. Problems     with      Lorain     and all the other girls

     G                             C                       G
1. A superstitious woman from the land of     sugar    cane
2. Godzillas  halitosis   it  be  vaporizing           cars
3. Love  a  wealthy  woman  and   the pretty plane she flies
    G                                       D7                             G
1. She'd  sing  the  sun  to  bed  and dance    out    in      the      rain
2. Elvis      up      in      Michigan      or   maybe     out     on     mars
3. If you  think  this  sounds  confusing you should see it through my eyes

   C           D          C            D         G   D7 G
1. Dance out, dance out, dance out in   the rain
2. Dance out, dance out, dance out to  the stars
3. Dancin',   Dancin',   Dancin', through my eyes

    G                                       C                        G
1. She'd excite us with the legend the the Africans           told
2. But   living in   the   briar patch     ain't    what  it appears 
3. I'm  turing  off  the  waterfall    the tourist can go home

     G                                 D7                   G
1. About  a  red  iguana  who  turned  lava     into    gold
2. Sooner or later you got to face you gotta face your fears
3. Feel  it time  to   travel   time   to    write  a poem
  G                                   C               G
1. We'd mount an expedition heading out into the bay
2. I heard from  the  parrot  verbalizing  in  the  tree
3. Time   to   seek  some   therapy I'm goin walkabout 

     G                                D7                G
1. Superstitious children    playing   pirate for the day
2. I heard it in the song line of the ab - o - rig - i - ne
3. Answers  are  the easy  parts questions raise the doubt

Chorus: 1. 2. 3.
Off to see the lizard

Off to see the lizard

C           D     Em  C             Em7 D7            G
Deja, deja, deja vu, believe it and it will come true

C           D    Em  C              Em7       D7         G
Veja, veja, veja du what works for me might work for you

1. G C G D7 G 2x
2. G C G D7 G 3x 

G                     C      G
Will it work for me (yeah yeah)

G                     D7    G
Will it work for you (yeah yeah)

G                       C       G
If you believe it will (yeah yeah)

G                  D7   G
It will come true (yeah yeah)

3. G C G D7 fade and repeat

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