Jimmy Nail - Cant Hold On chords

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Jimmy Nail - Can't Hold On

*Notes* - I like to use Cadd9 (x32033) for the C chords
- In the chorus I think Am7 (x02013) sounds better than Am
  And Em7 (022033) sounds better than Em
- I play Dsus4/F# as 200233
  And G/B as x20033
- After the first chorus I have just put the lyrics, the chords stay the
same for each section, with a couple of slight changes which I have

Intro and Verses

|G   D|C    | (repeat)

         G             D           C
It was a kind of town, edge of the universe
Nothin' happened there to ever make the news
Lived a little boy and a girl next door
Had opinions and independent views

     Am                G       D
They dreamed of nights and big city lights

    Am                  G      D
It helped to kill each dreary day

    Am                   G      C
And all the things that gettin' out would bring

    Am              G   D
If only they could get away

He say


   G       Dsus4/F#   Em(7)
I can't     hold      on 

            C     G/B       Am(7)
'cause I'm fee....lin'    strong

               G    Dsus4/F#       Em(7)
but there's so ma.....ny         things    

D          C
  I'm not knowing

but the city light didn't burn so bright
and the light of day was never warm
and the little boy got into one more fight

and the girl next door said "I miss my home"

            Dsus4   D
he said "believe in me"

          Dsus4   D
she said "I don't know"

         Dsus4     D
he said "can't you see?"

I can't hold on 'cause I'm feelin' strong
and there's so many things I'm not knowing
and I can't hang round this one-horse town
when my soul's tied down, I'm for going

              G             C
so the little boy became a broken man
with a broken face and broken dreams
and the girl next door disappeared one day

and in her place
was a woman-child

I can't hold on, I'm not feeling strong
there's so many things that hurt me now
and I can't step down from this big cold town
where my soul's tied down 

Repeat Chorus Chords

I can't hold on 'cause I'm feelin' strong
and there's so many things I'm not knowing
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