Jimmy Needham - Yours To Take chords

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Hello all, this is my first tab. I've seen some chords for this song thats already on 
internet, but they're quite not accurate :P (no offense).
I'll be showing you an accurate(but not that accurate) chord chart for this song. I 
know the name of the other chords I tabbed because I suck at playing guitar ): Im sorry, 
play the tab and call it whatever you want.
I'll be editing this because I'm still studying the song, if you know some of the chords 
wasn't added in this please contact me.

Tabbed by: Andy Sendouw
email: mr.andysaur@gmail.com
myspace: myspace.com/awsomeindodude

INTRO : Play A BARRED Version of G Major 3 times, then do the same thing with, Chord 2, 


Am                         Em      Am                         Em
I can feel the weight is lifting, I'm barely standing on the ground.
                            C    ???
And I can feel the wait is over,Finally the lost is found .
E: x
A: 2
D: 4
G: 4
B: 3
E: 2

D                    Em
So, this is what it feels like to live life
G                      A
So, this is breathing air for the very first time
D                     Em
The Son of man, He came here to give life
G                      A
And in return He asking for mine

I've been Captured by grace
^^^                   ^^^
Play                   Play
E: x                   E: x
A: 2                   A: 0
D: 4                   D: 4
G: 4                   G: 4
B: 3                   B: 3
E: 2                   E: 2

Im not going away
E: x
A: 0
D: 4
G: 4
B: 3
E: 2

e: 0
a: 3
d: 2
g: 0
b: 3
e: 3
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