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Jimmy Wayne - Tresspassin tab

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  Cool river, hot August night 
  C F C G 
  Her sweet b ody  next to m ine 
  Lonesome whistle moans in the distance 
  C F C G 
  Young hearts po un din' no  resistance 
  F C G 
There was a s ign  on the fe nce 
  F C G 
But we f ound o ur way i n 
  Bb C C 
  Didn't f eel wr ong, spent all night long 
Trespassi n' 
Verse 2: 
Jealous moon sneakin' through the trees 
Cattails whisper in the midnight breeze 
Tangled hair, tremblin' hands 

The whole town sleeps while shadows dance 
  Forgotten secrets 
  Race through my mind 
  C Bb C 
  Leave me wonderin' w here she is ton ight 
Bb = x13331(bar chord) or xx3331 
C = x32010 
D = xx0232 
F = 133211(bar chord) or xx3211 
G = 320003 

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