Jireh - Draw Me Nearer chords

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Love this song and this is just the way I play it :)

E6: 046600
Esus2: 024400
Esus4: 002200
Eadd4: 002100

Strumming pattern is DUUDUUDU for each chord with an emphasis on the last DU before
sliding to next chord. You do two sets of strumming for the Esus4 chord but on the first DUU
strums of the second set you play the Eadd4 and then switch back to Esus4 for the last 
DUUDU strums.. if that makes sense.

The riff looks like this:
E6       Esus2    Esus4    Eadd4 Esus4

The riff is just repeated for the whole song so it's pretty easy! Happy playing and God Bless!

E6   Esus2       Esus4               Eadd4  Esus4
Heavenly, is the look on Your face

Holy, the place where you await

Mighty, are the plans you have in-store

Cause I want be Lord, in Your sanctuary


Your dominion endures, through all generations

And Your Kingdom, Your Kingdom's glorious throne is everlasting


Draw me nearer

My rock, my deliverer

Oh draw me nearer

My rock, my deliverer

Your unfailing love

Heart in the heavens

You stretch out Your hand

My faith made to stand

It's for You, oh for You
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