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Jj Cale - Ill Be There tab

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Hi guys i got this e-mailed direct to me by band member Paul Hodgson of the Parlotones. enjoy

I'll Be There

(This part is all just piano on the album)

Gm Bb

Gm Bb Eb F
"Still beauty...."

Bb Gm F Eb
"Even if you rich.."

(Band comes in)
Gm Bb Eb F
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Bb Gm F Eb
"Even if you rich..."

Then just Bb Gm F Eb for pretty much the rest of the song.

These are all barre chords and can be quite a mission to play. If you got a capo then 
it on the first fret, then you can play the song
like this:
For the Gm Bb Eb F parts play F#m 
For the Bb Gm F Eb parts play A 
(There's still the F#m which is a barre chord, but at least it's just one...)
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