Jj Cale - Fancy Dancer chords

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Fancy Dancer by J.J. Cale (To Tulsa And Back)

Chords by Roel Krols
My first tab, sounded right to me. Let me know if not correct!


B       F#      E      B  (x4)
Abm     E       F#
Abm             E  F#  B

B           F#
Once a day, everyday
E                   B
Sometimes all night long
    B              F#
She moves her body next to mine
       E             B
To the rythm of this song

They call her May, some call her June
She just needs a dancer
No matter what day you call her now
I call her fancy dancer

Fancy dancer
    E                F#
The way she moves, I say
If you ask, she will consent
   E     F#	   B
To fancy dance all day

No man has ever lasted out
The night along with her
The pace's too quick, the heat's too hot
She dances in a blur
When the sun begins to fade
You might have a chance
To meet the lady of the night
She is the fancy dancer



B       F#      E      B  (x4)
Abm     E       F#
Abm             E  F#  B

She draws attention from anyone
Who happens on her scent
It's mostly men who want to try
out the dancing queen

Chorus (x2)
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