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Jj Cale - City Girls chords

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City Girls chords
J.J. Cale

A E B A E 2x *

E                      A
City girls they're all right
They just want you for the night
                              B    A
But when the morning comes at dawn
City girls they all gone

             E               A
You know the daylight can be sad
When you feel that you've been had
                           B     A
Only night time brings the price
City girl she thinks it's right

A E B A E 2x

         E                 A
What's a poor boy going to do
If he wants a girl like you
                        B     A
Can't afford no diamond rings
Or all those other fancy things

E                    A
Only one thing I can give
A song down where you live
                          B     A
I'll sing to you hear the sound
City girl please stay around

A E B A E . . . 

* Alternate:

Capo II

A = G
E = D
B = A

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