Joan Armatrading - Flight Of The Wild Geese chords

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Flight Of The Wild Geese

Tab is in E
*I have heard recordings in Eb*

Finally had a stab at working this out as noone else seems to want to bother. All 
I ask is that no negative ratings are given without a comment on why and I'll see 
what I can do. Every correction/comment will be appreciated because I want to play 
it properly too!!

e                e/g#*
Sad are the eyes
                                     *(hold all chords with this symbol for 
Yet no tears                           two bars)
The flight of the wild geese
Brings a new hope
                 G#m** B**         **(hold these for half a bar)   
Rescued from all this
    F#m** A**
Old friends
And those newly found

e              B
What chance to make it last
G#m                      A**    B**     
When there's danger all aro---und
e                       B
And reason just ups and disappears
G#m             A**     B**
Time is running ou----t

e             A
So much to be done
Tell me what more
What more
C#m        A   B
What more can we do.

e                   A
There were promises made
C#m           A    B
Plans firmly laid
Now madness prevails
And lies fill the air.

What more, Oh
What more
e/B       A   B
What more can we do.

e e/g# e/Eb C#m B F#m e

e          A
What chance
to make it last
What more
C#m        A  B     e
What more can we do.

e       x79997
e/g#    x11999x
e/Eb    x66454
e       022100
B/B     7x9997
e7M/G#  466454
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