Joanna Newsom - 81 chords

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  Am              F
I found a little plot of land
       C         G
in the garden of Eden

       Am                F      G
it was dirt and dirt is all the same

  Am                F
I tilled it with my two hands
       C             G
and I called it my very own
          Am         F           Am  (Am, G, Am)
There was no one to dispute my claim.

       C                      G
Well, you'd be shocked at the state of things
          Am             F              G
The whole place had just cleared right out
        Am     F         C       G
It was hot in hell, so I lay me by a spring
      Am       F          Am  (Am, G, Am)
For a spell as naked as a trout

Am, F, C, G
Am, F, Am (Am, G, Am)

     C                  G
The wandering eye that I have caught
      Am        F        G
Is as hot as a wandering sun
    Am               F                    C
But I will want for nothing more, in the garden
Start again
      Am                  F           Am (Am, G, Am)
In my heart and into every heart but one

Am             F         C
Meet me in the garden of Eden,
G               Am                     F         G      
Bring a friend, we are going to have ourselves a time
Am                   F              C
We have are going to have a garden party,
 G             Am       F      Am  (Am, G, Am)
It's on me, no sir-e, it's my dime

    C                       G
We broke our hearts in the war between
    Am             F   G
St. George and the dragon
    Am            F          C         G
But both in equal parts are welcome to come along
Am            F     Am (Am, G, Am)
I'm inviting everyone

Am, F, C, G
Am, F, A (Am, G, Am)

C                       G
Farewell, to loves that i have known
     Am        F      G
Even muddiest waters run
         Am              F                   C
Tell me what is meant by sin, or none, in a garden,
    G             Am         F          Am (Am, G, Am)
Seceded from the Union in the year of '81?

     C         G
The unending amends you made
    Am             F         G
Are enough for one life, be done
Am           F                 C          G
I believe in innocence, little darling, start again
Am             F   Am (Am, G, Fmaj7)
I believe in everyone
   Am        G           Am            F   Am
I believe, regardless, I believe in everyone.
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