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Joanna Newsom - No Provenance chords

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Am   E  G  F 
Allelu, allelu:
I have died happy,
E     G      F
and lived to tell the tale to you.
I have slept for forty years,
E     G             F
and woke to find me gone.
        Am       G          F
I woke safe and warm in your arms.
        C    (C7)
In your arms
F      Dm
Your arms
    G    C   B/C
In your arms
Am    E       G     F
Not informed of the natural law,
                   Am           E
squatting, lordly, on a stool, in a stall,
G           F
we spun gold clear out of straw.
               Am         E
And, when our bales of bullion
were stored,
you burned me like a barn.
          Am       G       F
I burned safe and warm in your arms.
         C    (C7)
In your arms
Your arms
Dm			   A    
I'm afraid of the Big Return.
D        C#/D          Bm       G
There's a certain conversation lost,
         F#         B
and that loss incurred
with nobody remaining,
    E       Am      Bb          A
to register who had passed this way,
in the night,
D      C#/D          Bm
in the middle of the night
   G            F#               B7
(negating their grace and their sight),
     D                   E
till only I remember, or mark,
       Am      E
how we had our talk:
   G   F
We took our ride,
so that there was no-one home,
E                G
and the lights of Rome
flickered and died.
And, what's more,
   Am                E
I believe that you knew it, too;
G	   F               
I think you saw their flares,
            Am   G    F
and kept me safely unawares,
   C    (C7)
in your arms.
   F     Dm
In your arms
   G    C   B/C
In your arms.
   Am       E        G             F
The grass was tall, and strung with burrs,
I essayed that high sashay which,
E                  G
in my mind, was my way;
you hung behind, in yours.
		   Am         E
Anyhow, she did not neigh.    
I do not know
G            F
what drew our eyes to hers;
      Am          G        F
that little black mare did not stir,
     C            F
till I lay down in your arms.

Dm                     A       D 
Poor old dirty little dog-size horse!
C#/D    Bm   G
swaying and wheezing,
    F#         B
as a matter of course;
D            E
swaying and wheezing,
     Am        Bb
as a matter of pride.
    A        D        C#/D        Bm
That poor old nag, not four palms wide,
   G        F#     B7
had waited a long time,
D         E
coated in salt,

         Am      Bb      A               D
buckled like a ship run foul of the fence.
D     C#/D           Bm
In the middle of the night,
she'd sprung up,
   F#        B
no provenance,
D           E             Am
bearing the whites of her eyes.
And you, with your
   A                 D
'arrangement' with Fate,
       C#/D           Bm
nodded sadly at her lame assault
 G   F#            B
on that steady old gate,
D                E            Am    E
her faultlessly etiolated fishbelly-face;
G       F
the muzzle of a ghost.
And, pretty Johnny Appleseed,
via satellite feed,
tell us, who was it
that you then loved the most?
Pretty Johnny Appleseed,
E                   G
leave a trail that leads
straight back down to the farm.
Lay me down
Am      G             F
safe and warm in your arms. 
      Am     G    A
In your arms.
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