Joanna Newsom - Easy chords

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It seemed like the other one mixed up the keys a bit so 
here's a version that seems more accurate

Capo 1

F#sus4   F#
A          E
my man and me.
C             F#sus4    F#
we could rest and remain here, 
Am  Em
C       F#sus4   F#
we are tested and pained by
A                 E
whatís beyond our bed
C                   F#sus4     F#
we're blessed and sustained by
Am        Em
what is not said

C#m                      A7
no one knows what is coming

C#m                           A
who will harvest what we have sown
E                                               F#
or how i've been dulling and dulling
        Am                    E
in the service of the heart alone

C#m                                        A7
or how i am warmed to the bone by the river
C#m                      A
and in the river, made a life
E                      F#
i'm your little life-giver
        Am        E
i will give my life

Em                          D                Am
Havenít you seen what i've seen?
Em                           D              B5
don't you know what you ought to do?
Em       D          Bm  
i was born to love
      A5       C   B5    D5     Em
and i intend to love you

Em						D            Am
down in the valley, where the fields of green
Em                 D          B5    
watch my luck turn full into 
          D            Bm              A5    C    D5      Em
paralyzed daisy, cling 'til only i may love you

C      Bm
i am easy
A         E
easy to keep
Cmaj7     Bsus4
honey, you please me
A                  Em
even in your sleep
C                 Bm
but my arms want to carry
A 		        	E
my heart wants to hold
Cmaj7        Bsus4
tell me your worries:
A              Em
i want to be told

C#m                                A7
sit and see how the fog from the port in the bay
C#m						  A
lays like snow at the foot of the Roanoke
E                      F#
hear the frog going courtin'
Am                 E
'til the day he croaks
                 C#m						A7
saying even then, "how there is light in the river
C#m7					A
there's a river made of light
E					  F#			  
c'mon, you little life-giver
Am            E
give your life"

who asked,    who asked you if you wanna be
loved by me?
who died and made you
in charge of who loves who?
All the livelong day
if i have my way, i will love you
want can't carry the weight
or change the fate of two
i've been waiting for a break
how long's it gonna take? let me love you
how about it? how about what i have to say?
how about that livelong day,
how am I gonna stay here without you?

Easy, easy,
You must not fear.
You must meet me to see me,
I am barely here.
But like a bloody mary,
Seen in the mirror,

E             F#           A             E
Speak my name and I appear.
C               F#sus4    F#    Am    Em
Speak my name and I appear
C          F#         Am        Em
Speak and I appear.
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