Joe Cocker - Let The Healing Begin chords

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Let the healing begin

Intro: Am F

Verse I

Am                            F
I've kept it inside much too long
there's no relief
Am                             F
carried it around just like a stone
too heavy for me
I have paid the price for standing
G               Em     Dm
on the outside looking in
F                    G        Am
it's time to let the healing begin

verse II

Am                                       F
a boy is strung out, he's going through hell
his mother weeps
Am                                        F
his spirit is broken and there's nothing left
just a terrible need
F                       G                         F
and the days are marked, by the heaviness of the heart
Em        Dm      F         G       Am
it never mends, until the healing begins


C                 G                         C
and the tension prowls the street like an animal
C                 G                       C
the people stay behind their locks and chains
it's a shame
G                             Am       Em     Dm
when so many are trying their best to live as one
F                              G           Am
and the smoke from the fires covers up the sun

verse III

Am                            F
a young girl is lying in the dirt
her dreams ended there
Am                                     F
caught in the crossfire on somebody's turf
hatred in the air

F                        G
it' a voice that never sings
F                      G
a winter without the spring
it never ends

F                    G         Am       Em  Dm
it's time to let the healing begin
F                    G         Am
it's time to let the healing begin

fade with Am F

( put this together because there isn't a decent tab out there for this song, hope 
it helps and feel free to correct or comment.)
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