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Joe Green - Cerubellum tab

Joe Green: Cerubbelum

This is a fairly hard song, fromone of the most underestimated
players in the biz, so I'll just give u the chords!
G#9 //D5|F//G#9| rpt

All on

F///|G#9///|D5///|Bdim Gdim Bdim Gdim|



F///|Gdim///|G#9/D5 F/| A5///|

I am told the song is in Bb, which wouldn't make sense, but i
suppose it could be right
I dont know the lyrics, but the chorus is
Watty Rita Campell
So many bar bars so little time
If I had a shotgun
their lives would be mine

(I think this changes a bit!!!)
If anyone has teh tab 4 this, post it here please!
Peace & Love,
geoffrey sideburn!!!
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