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Joe Lavoie - Dying Young Grey tab

Dying young Grey
By Joe Lavoie

Em              D              Em            D             Em
Love you, want you, I never see you no more,...

Burnt this cross now I hang it over your door,

Need you, miss you, I never see you no more,...

House of Love, I don't live their no more,..

C                           D

You stand by my side and pretend your in love with me,

You laugh at my songs and then say that I was out of key,

Then you saw a doctor and he said your problem was me,

He said Im too boring, just to ordinary
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                  C                                           D
Well, you say that your leaving, well theres the door,
           C                                   B
You say you just can't take it anymore,..
                         Em                D         Em      D
You leave me Dying young grey, thats your way,
You just cant take it for a another day,
You leave me Dying young grey, thats your way,
You know I still love you anyway , yeah yeah  (Guitar Riff),
  B                  Em  D   Em  D  Em  D Em
Dying young grey hey, hey, hey, hey



Bm                                                 Em
You say you just can'y l;ook at me that way,
                      Bm                                               Em
Well, theres just something about these games you play,...
                C                                  D                                                  Em
Well If I can't figure out the score than it will stop right here.........yeahh, yeah yeah,....


Adlib......(c d em d).

Now it will stop right there.......yeah, yeah, yeah....