Joe Nichols - Whats A Guy Gotta Do chords

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What's A Guy Gotta Do - Joe Nichols

Capo on 3rd fret

Intro:  D

Chorus:    [D] Whatís a guy gotta do to get a girl in this town.
Donít want to be alone when the [A] sun goes down.
Just a sweet little somethiní to put my arms around.
Whatís a guy gotta do to get a girl in this [D] town.

Well, [D] ask anybody, Iím a pretty good guy.
And the looks decent wagon didnít [A] pass me by.
There ainít nothiní in my past that Iím tryiní hard to hide.
And I [Stop] donít understand why I gotta wonder [D] why.

Repeat Chorus

Well, [D] cruise all around the right parking lots. 
A little time gets killed, a lot of [A] bull gets shot.
Oneíll think Iím kinda cute and laugh at every joke I got. 
When I [Stop ] get to thinkiní maybe, sheís a thinkiní maybe [D] not.

Repeat Chorus

Had an [D] old man tell meÖ, ďBoy, if you were smart.
Youíd hit the produce aisle at the [A] Super Wal-Mart.Ē
So I bumped into a pretty girlís shopping cart.
All I [Stop] did was break her eggs & bruise her artichoke [D] hearts.

Repeat Chorus & last line
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