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Joe Purdy - Leave Me Be tab

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From the Joe Purdy album. I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere either so I've given them 
or at least my best guess at what he's singing.


Bbm - X13321
F# - 244322
G# - 466544

Intro: Bbm F# G# Bbm x 2

Bbm           F#         G#              Bbm
If you see me cry, don't try and dry my eyes
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Bbm           F#         G#              Bbm
If you see me down, just leave me there to drown

Bbm              F#         G#              Bbm
And if you see my pain don't try and pull me out

Bbm       F#     G#                Bbm
If I run away, don't call my name out loud

F#        G#    Bbm
Just leave me be
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